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National Geographic’s Asteroid: Mission Extreme Coming to ‘Imiloa in September

by Brea Aamoth on July 21st, 2016

‘Imiloa Introduces Thrilling New Planetarium Show in September

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center is excited to announce the introduction of a thrilling new planetarium show, Asteroid: Mission Extreme in September. Presented by National Geographic, Asteroid: Mission Extreme immerses audiences in 3D, full-dome surround sound and takes them on an epic journey to discover how asteroids are both a danger and an opportunity. The danger lies in the possibility of a cataclysmic collision with Earth; the opportunity is the fascinating possibility that asteroids could be stepping-stones to other worlds – veritable way stations in space that could enable us to cross the Solar System.


As with any venture into outer space, the challenges involved with making this idea a reality are enormous; however, a mission this extreme could ultimately teach us how to protect our planet and successfully inhabit other worlds.


Asteroid: Mission Extreme will be presented at 2:00 p.m. daily in the ‘Imiloa Planetarium on Tuesday – Sunday throughout the month of September. Tickets will be available for purchase at ‘Imiloa’s front desk, or over the phone at 808-932-8901.


‘Imiloa members are invited to view this show early during a special Member Preview and appreciation night on August 25. Become a member today to participate in this special preview event. For more information on membership, email or call 808-932-8901.


Asteroid: Mission Extreme is produced by National Geographic and Sky-Skan, and narrated by Sigourney Weaver. This 25-minute show is suitable for general audiences and school groups.

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