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Constellation Camp at ‘Imiloa – A Success!

by Brea Aamoth on March 24th, 2016

Forty-eight keiki in grades kindergarten through third grade enjoyed four action-packed days of exploration, navigation, experimentation and fun at ‘Imiloa’s Spring Camp ‘IMI-Possible! This spring session was themed Constellation Camp: Mapping the Night Time Sky. 


The children discovered and explored the four navigational star lines that guide our voyagers as they set course and direction to their upcoming destinations. The stories within these stars are named from historical events or people, or also migrations from the Pacific Islands and elsewhere. Today, these stories can help us make decisions that strengthen our families and communities.


An example of one of the stories shared with the children pertains to the stars of Humu. These stars are named after a Hawai‘i Island navigator whose children saved themselves by floating overnight in the rolling waves of the Ka‘ie‘iewaho Channel between O‘ahu and Kaua‘i, all by navigating the stars! This story provided us a great opportunity to teach about buoyancy, the science of floating.

By sharing these constellation stories through the use of arts, crafts, and hands-on science experiments, the students achieve a more complete understanding of our star lines. This kind of multi-sensory learning helps keiki acquire the tools they need to further their life-long learning skills.


In this series of Camp ‘IMI-Possible, the kids also learned about gravity and black holes by exploring ‘Imiloa’s CyberCANOE exhibit. They learned about color and temperature of stars, like how blue stars are actually hotter than red stars, through play-dough art and activities. Science experiments were executed to teach about density, buoyancy, air pressure, reflection, refraction, Newton’s laws and how we find constellations.


Constellation Camp ran from Monday, March 21 through Thursday, March 24. ‘Imiloa features multiple educational and fun intersession programs throughout each year. For more information on youth exploration and intersession camps at ‘Imiloa click here.






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