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Jupiter, Juno and the NASA Infrared Telescope (IRTF)

by Brea Aamoth on November 21st, 2016

‘Imiloa Presents Dr. John Rayner, Director of IRTF
Date: Fri. Dec. 16
Time: 7pm
Cost: $10, $8 for members (member level discounts apply)

One of the most fascinating elements of modern astronomy is the stream of recent exoplanet discoveries–planets circling other stars. Extensive research and development is currently underway in order to better understand how these planets are formed, as well as discovering the formation of planets within our own solar system. Learn more about the formation of planets and other related science phenomena at ‘Imiloa’s Maunakea Skies talk on Friday, December 16 at 7:00 p.m., presented by Dr. John Rayner, Director of the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) on Maunakea.

Dr. Rayner will also discuss how the NASA IRTF is providing supporting observations for NASA’s own Juno spacecraft, which is currently orbiting Jupiter with the goal of measuring the planet’s overall structure and composition and increasing our understanding of how it was formed. Jupiter is by far the largest planet in the solar system, and knowledge of its properties is key to understanding the formation of the solar system and possibly other planetary systems. Dr. Rayner will describe the Juno mission and the role of this spacecraft in this epic quest for knowledge.

Dr. Rayner obtained his education in the UK with a degree in Physics from Kings College, University of London, and a PhD in astronomical instrumentation from the University of Edinburgh. He has been building infrared instruments at IRTF for the past 27 years and is currently commissioning a high-resolution infrared spectrograph, optimized for observing star and planet-forming disks, planetary atmospheres and comets.



Hosted by Planetarium Technician Emily Peavy,‘Imiloa’s monthly Maunakea Skies program includes observational highlights of the current night sky over Hawai‘i, with the audienceable to view prominent constellations and stars visible during this time of year. Maunakea Skies planetarium presentations are held on the third Friday of each month. General admission tickets are $10, $8 for members (member level discounts apply). Pre-purchase tickets at ‘Imiloa’s front desk or by phone at 808-932-8901.

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