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Maunakea Skies: Astronomy Talk Series

by Imiloa Astronomy Center on July 17th, 2018


How Big is the Universe?

Join us for ‘Imiloa’s Maunakea Skies talk series with Dr. Walter Brisken, Director of the Long Baseline Array.

How far away are the stars we see at night? How big is the Milky Way Galaxy in which we live and how is it structured? How large is the visible universe? How can astronomers confined to the solar system make such determinations? Distance measurements are crucial in interpreting astronomical data that shape our view of the structure of the universe and provide calibrated estimates of the sizes and energetics of cosmic objects. Distance determination played a huge role in firmly establishing that the sun is a star and that the Milky Way Galaxy is but one of billions of “island universes’, two concepts with profound implications for both science and philosophy.

Tickets: $10 ($8 for Members)

Only at ʻImiloa

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