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New Interns at ‘Imiloa

by vrecinto on February 19th, 2014

haukea hokoana cropHaukea Hokoana, Education Assistant/Student Explainer is part of the Federal Work-Study program.  She is a sophomore at UH Hilo, majoring in Hawaiian Studies.  She will be working with the Education Team to help deliver exciting hands-on field trip experiences for the schools that come to visit ‘Imiloa.

Haukea says:
“My hobbies and special interests are hula, and learning anything & everything ‘Imiloa has to offer.  As a Student Assistant I hope to learn more about science and how it is used in our daily lives, and also how it is used culturally.  I hope to also learn as much from everyone else as they do from me. I look forward to working with everyone!”

mahea peakMahea Peak,  Science On a Sphere (SOS) intern.

She is a 4th year Astronomy major at UH Hilo.  She will be working to develop an S.O.S. presentation to share with visitors.  Hopeful that in the future she might do live presentations in 4D2U with the Mitaka system, or have an opportunity to intern with the Planetarium.

Mahea says:
“I love astronomy, and I’ve always known I wanted to pursue it as a career, though I am still trying to figure out what I want to specialize in (I do know that I would like to do research). I was born in Hilo, but I was raised in Portland, Oregon. During my free time I participate in UH Hilo’s Astrophysics and Jujitsu clubs, and when I’m located some place that has snow, I enjoy snowboarding. I also read a lot. I’m excited and looking forward to be working up here with everyone!”

kensaku cropKensaku Akimoto, ‘Imiloa intern.

Kensaku is an Environmental Science and ESL (English as a 2nd Language) major at UH Hilo. He is studying abroad here as an exchange student from Japan.

Kensaku will be working to translate our updated audio tour for the exhibits (also known as the Guideport Tour) into Japanese.  Currently the Japanese tour still reflects some of the OLD exhibits, so Kensaku will be working with the exhibit team and our guest services staff to make sure the Japanese tour is updated to what is currently in the exhibits.  He will be doing most of his work from home, but you will probably see him walking through the exhibits with headphones on his head, as he evaluates and updates the tour.

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