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UH Students Surf the Waves of Technology Using CyberCANOE at ‘Imiloa

by Brea Aamoth on May 6th, 2016


‘Imiloa’s CyberCANOE is a virtual reality environment emanating from banks of LCD screens, ambisonic speakers and high speed computers connecting University of Hawai’i classrooms that are oceans apart. The acronym CANOE stands for Collaboration Analysis Navigation & Observation Environment.


The UH Scientific Visualization Class of Spring 2016 wrapped up their semester by inviting the community on May 5, 2016, to engage and interact with their data visualization projects using the CyberCANOE.

These interactive projects ranged from navigating a canoe through the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands where users could view the coral reef and sea life that surrounds those areas, to virtually swimming through Hawai’i waters to view both native and invasive fish. For each project, the user utilized remote controllers to navigate through the ocean, around coral reefs and beyond.

Each group consisted of Marine Science, Computer Science and Art Department students, all working collaboratively to create these interactive visualization projects.

The CyberCANOE is funded by the Academy for Creative Media (ACM).

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